Frequent Ask Questions

Where can I get a Chinese SIM card?

You may get

  • At your arrival airport
  • Any local service provider in China
  • AnyCall at a lower price (recommended)

If you buy the SIM card from AnyCall, we can help you activate its services before shipping.Therefore please upload the photos for activation ASAP.

How long will it take for me to receive the SIM card?

If shipping,after ordering and submitting photos,you will normally receive SIM card within two days

If pickup,you can get it at Pudong airport pickup station right after you land.(Details will be sent via email )

How can I activate the SIM card?

A photo ID is required by the Chinese government to activate a SIM card. For non-Chinese citizens, providing the photos taken upon instruction.

When buying a prepaid China SIM card, don’t be surprised if you are required to send in a photocopy of your passport. It’s an unavoidable part of the process to activate the SIM card.

If you buy the SIM card from AnyCall, we can help you activate its services.

What’s the best SIM Card in China?

AnyCall recommends you China Unicom which our company is cooperating with, and you can get the best China SIM card on AnyCall.

Can I use my own SIM card in China while traveling?

Yes, some travelers have the option to activate the international roaming on their home country phone plans, that’s either really expensive or not a good option for those who will be in China long-term. The best solution is to get your own SIM card.

Can I use VPN with my SIM card?

Yes. If VPN apps are installed on your phone, you are able to use VPN.

Can AnyCall send the SIM card to an international location?

No. Currently AnyCall only mails the SIM card to locations within China, but we can send to your arrival airport in China.

Am I able to receive the SIM card when I arrive in China?

Yes. If you buy the SIM card from AnyCall, it will be available for pickup at the airport.

Will the number be deleted automatically after I go back to my country?

Service providers will discontinue SIM cards that are inactive for a certain period of time (varies according to different carriers).

Can I use the SIM card to make international calls?

Yes. You are able to call numbers outside China if you turn on the feature.

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